Tired of Sudoku? Try Balance!

Here is a new challenge for you. Less numbers, more visual... but hard to master!

Balance: assign the values from 1 to 7 to the weights in the diagram so that everything balances as shown. Each value will be used exactly once.



Your turn

You will probably want to print it, so here is a pdf with all the puzzles of this page, with the solutions on the second page.

Hint: start with the weights in the middle, separated by 3 and 4 tics.


Another one

Hint: who can balance the three weights on the right?


Too hard?

Here are easier ones.

Weights from 1 to 5


Weights from 1 to 6

Hint: only two possibilities for the three nodes on the left...


Want more?

There is a pdf with dozens of puzzles of increasing size. Including two crazy giant puzzles, only 20 numbers to place but probably harder than any sudoku. You can buy it via Paypal for $1.50.
Have fun!